Wetland Kalloni

    The Wetland Kalloni or the wetlands around Kalloni Gulf  is one of the most important resources of ecology matters in Lesvos. The beaches around the Gulf are a complete ecological system, since around the area there is a mosaic of salt-pans, pine trees, olive oils e.t.c.


    So the wetlands are used as a kind of shelter and reproduction of many rare and endangered bird species.

    Specifically the wetland gathers all the marine area around the Gulf and a great number of wetlands: wetlands of Kalloni and Polichnitos, the streams of Tsiknia, Vouvaris, Milopotamos, Ennea Kamares, Potamia, the Lagoon of Messon, the marsh of Skala Kalloni, Parakoila, Nifida e.t.c.


     The area around the gulf , belongs to the European program “Special Areas of Nature Preservation” of Natura net 2000. As far as now 134 bird species have been recorded, 66 of these are emigrational, without record the species of the neighbor ecosystems.


    The last few years birdwatching in this wetland attracts a lot of people, visitors, sciences e.t.c. Species like stone curlew, avocet, black-headed bunting, white and black stork, pink flamigos, slag, littleEgret, gray heron, ruddy shelduk, bee-eater, ect.

    birding in Lesvos

    For more informations about wetland Kalloni you can find at Kalloni Enviromental Center.

    Birdwatching is an activity that will develop a lot in future thanks to the infrastructure that will be installed to the area.

    Have a look at awesome photos from birders in Lesvos island during birdwatching. These photos are part of photo contest that provide from Imerti Boutique & Resort Hotel.



    Photos of Brirdwatching in Lesvos 2016

    Photos of Brirdwatching in Lesvos 2016


    Wetland Kalloni area also is full of olive trees, rare species of orchids and other flowers and plants, that with the help of the wetlands, create a great amount of food and natural shelter for all the living organisms, helps to the diversity preservation.