Hiking in Lesvos island! On Lesvos island there are plenty of places where you can organize walks. Signposted paths exist in all municipalities of the lesvos island. Apart from these marked trail there are in the Petrified Forest of Sigri.

    Specifically in the Territorial District of Kalloni divided as follows:

    •    Metochi Trail – Bridge Kremasti

                2.76 mile path in which we can find the archaeological site of Klopedi of aeolian capitals located next to the church of Archangel and then the bridge Prinis. It’s easy ride mainly for hikers who walk on country roads.

    •    Route Parakoila – Rivers Anemotias

                 Trail 12.6 km in wich the walker crosses the mothers black pine forest on the island and valley rivers overlooking the Gulf of Kalloni. This path is difficult to go around to climb and therefore proposed as a downhill but for hikers with very good physical condition.

    •    Trail Holy Friday – Bridge Kremasti

    Trail 6 miles between olive trees and osiers in which we find above the riverbed Tsiknia the built since the Gatelouzon stone bridge of Kremasti. Easy route for every hiker, especially if carried out in the spring or autumn.

    More information and maps of routes for hiking in Lesvos island can be given to you by the reception of our hotel.

    You can also get in contact with clubs organized hikes in lesvos island throughout the year:

    Climbing-Hiking Club Lesbos  ” Oriades “
    For environmental protection and preservation of culture. The club organizes many walks and visits to caves.
    Phone 6974630306 (Ignatius Marangelis)

    Association “Lesvos and Ecology”
    The Association operates several hiking trails and outdoor activities. Also in collaboration with the “Lesvos Advetures” organizes climbing, archery and flying fox to the waterfalls “mancatsa” in Mandamados.