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    The Imerti Boutique & Resort Hotel in conjunction with the Kalloni area of domicile and the breadth of the island offers a range of activities such as Wind surfing, Kitesurf, Scuba diving, water sports, hiking, fishing, biking, bird watching, guided tours or not, tours of archaeological sites – museums as well as activities of religious tourism.

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    Little Egrets Alykes wetlands Hasse Österman Lesvos or Lesbos island is a popular destination for birdwatchers as the island attracts a wide variety of migratory birds throughout the year.

    Blessed with flowing bodies of water, Lesvos is proud of its many ecosystems that provide crucial shelter to species rarely seen in the rest of the continent, such as Black Storks, Ruddy Shelducks and Kruper’s Nuthatch, as well as, more than 330 species of birds which are obserded – recored on Lesvos island.

    So the birdwatching in Lesvos island is unique because of its variety of birdlife. Read more…! 


    Hiking in Lesvos island!

    On Lesvos island there are plenty of places where you can organize walks. Signposted paths exist in all municipalities of the lesvos island. Apart from these marked trail there are in the Petrified Forest of Sigri. Specifically in the Territorial District of Kalloni divided as follows… Read more…! 


    Kitesurf & Wind surfing

    KITESURF at Skala Kalloni Lesvos island The Gulf of Kalloni is an ideal place for fun and education in wind surfing and kite surfing.The reason is that just a Gulf and not an open sea or ocean, that while there is strong wind there are not huge waves of the open sea and the danger from sharks or other fishes.

    Also the bottom of the Gulf of Kalloni is sandy so there is no danger of hitting the rocks over if you fall from your board. Locals athletes will “show” some of the tricks thus contributing to free lessons.

    The warm winds are usually 12-18 knts and late August are the winds with stronger winds. More information about the winds in Skala Kalloni you and find at [windfinder].

    scuba diving





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